NECA Remakes Classic Kenner Gold Batman Figure

After fledgling company Toy Biz failed to meet demand for action figures from the 1989 Batman movie, the rights reverted to Kenner. It took a few years, but they brought out the Dark Knight Collection, the very first Batman figures with authentic Michael Keaton likeness. NECA technically doesn’t have the license to mass produce smaller-scale Batman movie figures for retail. But NECA has found a few loopholes over the years. First, they released a Keaton figure based on the Batman Nintendo game. Next, they did a tribute to the Toy Biz figure as a premium to be sold as Blu-ray bonus. Now, they’ve recreated Kenner’s gold Batman, a.k.a. Tec Shield Batman, as a Loot Crate exclusive.

This came about because NECA’s owner, Joel Weinshanker, recently purchased Loot Crate from bankruptcy through one of his other companies. Since NECA makes numerous other tie-in products besides figures, they won’t need to outsource much to other companies while filling the subscription boxes. And it looks like we can expect more exclusive figures through this venue. Especially the kind that legally can’t be sold anywhere else.

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The catch is that this is super limited. To buy Tec Shield Batman, you have to be a Loot Crate subscriber. Then sign in to get a special deal on the figure, which expires Oct. 7th. For extra incentive, check out the beautiful Kenner reproduction packaging:

Nit-pickers may not he doesn’t have the flight backpack of the old one. Because massive new pieces of tooling don’t make sense for super-limited runs. NECA would undoubtedly love to recreate all the old Kenner Batmen. However, they’re limited by the fact that DC Collectibles will never lose the 7-inch figure license for DC characters. For what remains contractually possible, the company works miracles.

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