DC Comics Heroes Get ‘DCeased’ Zombie Action Figures

There’s good news for anyone concerned about the future of action figures at DC Collectibles. They have quite a few lined up for the next year, including a continuation of the core 7-inch Essentials line. There’s also a new line based on the DCeased comic miniseries. As one might discern from the name, it’s… DC zombies. Well, technically “infected,” per the comics. But they look like zombies.

Batman, Superman, the Joker, and Harley Quinn get flesh-hungry in the first series. Basically, these appear to be remakes of their previous figures, with new infected headsculpts and torn/bloody deco on the costumes. For some, that might not be enough of a difference. For others, this might be a gateway drug into the Essentials line. The base bodies for Essentials figures are pretty exceptional in sculpting and articulation, and the zombie versions are in scale with McFarlane and NECA horror figures. Your Halloween dioramas just powered up. Let’s see if Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon can handle the flying dead.

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For next Halloween, that is. The DCeased characters won’t be coming out until next year.

More toy lines should go this refresh route. There’s money to be made in Jurassic Park zombies, Pokemon zombies, Barbie zombies…the list is as long as there are toy lines.

Check out the first four DCeased figures in our gallery below. Who would you like to see get the rotting-skin treatment next? Let us know in comments.