Review: Marvel Legends X-Force Wendigo Wave

Normally, the comics-based Marvel Legends waves take inspiration from recent media adaptations, using characters who have appeared in recent movies and TV. But perhaps because the Disney-Fox acquisition opens the floodgates to a past decade’s worth of mutant movies, Hasbro now seems to be trying to complete the old Toy Biz rosters as much as possible. The latest Marvel Legends wave, heavily X-Force themed with buildable Wendigo, mostly focuses on fan favorites who haven’t had a figure in a long time. And Wolverine. There’s always a Wolverine.

Mr. Sinister is the clear highlight here. An all-new sculpt, he stands larger than most and sports a face that has a distinct Tim Curry quality to it. Sinister’s cape has always been a challenge to replicate in toy form, but here it’s a dual layer of rubbery plastic cut in strips. This gives it a density previous versions haven’t approached. This evil dude dresses to impress.

Wendigo, the build-a-figure in the wave, heavily reuses the Sasquatch body, though there are subtle differences in the hands and feet. His tail attaches to a rubbery joint in the back and is not bendable. The blood on his fangs is a nice touch, give that Wendigos are created when humans in their territory eat human flesh and become cursed. Sure, he doesn’t look exactly like the one that kept yelling “Wen-di-go!” in the old X-Men arcade game, but there are many Marvel Wendigos. And even if you’re just in the market for a generic yeti-type figure, this one fits the bill. Heavy parts re-use on him allows for more variety in the individual figure sculpts, too, though we have at least three that rely on existing parts.

Guardian is the most obvious of those. Generic superhero body all the way, which doesn’t matter so much in his case. All he requires is a clean paint job for the Canadian colors. One could say he brings his “Eh” game. If one were prone to such bad puns.

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Wolverine is…well…Wolverine. Hasbro has developed a body that works for him, and they keep using it. The big difference with this one is in his claws — these ones go broader at the ends and are more machete-like. The claws also don’t appear to have the small ball-joints that prior Logans have, and are fixed in position. He’s painted in the gray X-Force uniform style, with bright red pupil-less eyes. For anyone who already has a Wolverine they like, he’s inessential. But fans of this version, plus collectors who want Wendigo, should at least not find him a disappointment.

Boom Boom uses the generic female body, as well as repurposed Jubilee heads with new hair and glasses pieces. (She includes regular and bubble-blowing portraits.) Tabitha has had many looks, and this one seems particularly Liefeld-y, but they’ve added a nice extra in a glowing left hand with attached fireball. The right hand can hold a separate fireball, while a normal left is included too. Like so many female figures, she suffers from “floating belt syndrome,” with both belt and thigh strap unattached to the actual body. I’d love to see Hasbro develop a fix for this. Meanwhile, the buyer’s own superglue might have to suffice.

Fan-favorite Nightcrawler, long-requested by collectors, delivers the goods. With a lanky body, three different heads, sword, and alternate sword-holding hand, he has everything except a Bamf! effect. And even then, one of the three heads looks like he’s un-bamfing so it’s close. The best character to play in the old arcade game is back at his best.

And then there’s Cannonball who is…interesting. Hasbro got creative here, replacing his entire lower body with a blast-off effect. At least, that’s what it’s supposed to be. In practice, it looks like he just got ripped in half Mortal Kombat-style, and has glowing innards hanging out. Definitely unique, and seeing them take chances is fun, even if some would rather have a Cannonball with legs.

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It’s a better wave overall than I expected from initial pics. Even the repaints are well done and given extras that enhance the basic body. It includes a great Nightcrawler, a badass Sinister, and a giant abominable snowman with blood in its teeth. Plus it’s just six figures, and they all have a BAF piece. If you buy a case, Wolverine and Nightcrawler are the doubles.

Check out the full gallery below and decide for yourself. Is this a wave worth buying? Let us know what you think in comments.