Review: Marvel Legends Spider-Man: Far From Home Wave

It’s not a massive spoiler to say that Spider-Man: Far From Home doesn’t offer a ton of new action figure possibilities for Marvel Legends. Spidey himself has two new suits, and Mysterio has a great costume for sculpting, but besides that, the only really “toyetic” designs are gigantic CG things. And to Hasbro’s credit, they’ve tried to approximate one of said things as the build-a-figure, a movie-styled Molten Man. It’s a semi-translucent, misshapen, sludy thing with metallic paint, he makes quite the showpiece. But that still leaves several slots left in the wave to fill out.

Scorpion showed up in Into the Spider-Verse as a very different cyborg incarnation, and Mac Gargan appeared at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Looks like it might be a while before we see him in live-action, so here’s a comic take. Aside from the fact that his mouth is green, when it typically would be flesh-colored, this is a faithful take on the classic villain. And he has plenty of tail to go around!

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Because the Hydro-Man in the movie is also too large to package like this, here’s the comic Hydro-Man, an entirely different character. He’s an interesting mix as a figure, since it’s the more realistic Netflix Luke Cage body, augmented with a broadly cartoonish Popeye-meets-Willem-Dafoe face. Water effects for his ankles are removable, but the watery arms are permanent.

Spider-Doppelganger is here because it’s cost-effective to find at least one reuse for the six-armed Spidey body sculpted for the last Spider-wave. New hands, feet, and head create the monstrous look to keep it different enough.

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I’ve never been a fan of Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman outfit. But as figures of it go, this is the best one to date, improved with the nice touch of a web-flinging hand. As is often the case, the female figure comes with the largest part of the build-a-figure, and can feel like a waste for anyone not actually planning to collect and build him.

If a Spider-Man movie had been made circa 1995, odds are he’d have worn something like this “Night Monkey” outfit. For years, we imagined that only superheroes in black could be cool, before Sam Raimi reminded us otherwise. In this case, it’s meant to disguise Spider-Man. Though one would think SHIELD could shape the eyepieces differently to remove the familiar outline. To simulate the flip-up eyes, mandatory in movies so we can see the actors emote, Stealth Spider-Man comes with two heads for both looks.

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The weakest link in the entire wave is Spider-Man. A lightweight figure with nothing extra besides bonus hands, he looks like a cheaper figure because his web lines remain unpainted! A black wash, McFarlane style, would have remedied this for relatively little cost. But now multiple collectors are looking up online how to do that for themselves. There are also no web wings this time. For a basic Spidey, fans can do better.

Mysterio, on the other hand, is the opposite. It has an intricate sculpt, a pearlescent finish on the dome, and painted details on the cape that make the universe-hopping man of mystery a must-have. There’s nothing under the dome: no Gyllenhaal head or snake-filled skull (as the last comic figure had). Just a figure who looks like he stepped (or soared) right out of the movie.

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It’s a generally solid wave, with the only clunker being the actual one figure you can skip (Spidey), since he isn’t needed to build Molten Man. Other than that, it has something for all Spider-fans. Check out our gallery below for more images of all the characters. Then check anywhere action figures are sold to pick these up for $19-$20 apiece.