Hasbro Extends the Deadline to Fund Gigantic Transformers Unicron Toy

HasLabs was created by Hasbro to crowdfund toys too big to sell in stores, got off to a great start with a Return of the Jedi Jabba Sail Barge playset. But their second project failed. Not enough fans were interested in a life-sized Sesame Street Cookie Monster to fund it into reality. However, with a looming deadline for Transformers arch-villain Unicron, Hasbro wants to give the figure every chance it can. As such, they’ve extended the deadline to October 6th. They plan to announce the results at New York Comic Con.

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“We’ve been reading your comments and listening to your feedback about wanting more time, and we’re excited to share that we are officially extending the campaign date,” said Hasbro in a press release. “We wouldn’t be where we are in the campaign without our fans and we are so appreciative of the overwhelming support on the project thus far. We want to make this dream item a reality just as much as you and feel that this extension will help get us to the 8,000 backer goal!”

They also noted that any fans who want to back out upon hearing the news are also free to cancel their orders.


Hasbro recently announced that the Transformers Unicron figure would come with some extra features. These include an interchangeable chin and an in-scale mini-Galvatron to reenact their movie interactions.

They also revealed a video of how exactly the figure transforms. And how huge it actually looks relative to a mere human.

As of this writing, 5455 people have backed the $574.99 figure. 8,000 in total are needed. Can you afford to be one of them? Can you afford to not help this happen?

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