Hasbro Is Crowdfunding a Massive $575 Transformers Unicron Figure

When Hasbro first announced HasLab, an online forum for crowdfunding toys too large to sell in stores, they made a Star Wars Jabba Sail Barge the first item. And almost immediately thereafter, Transformers fans began asking if a Unicron figure would be possible next. The planet-sized Transformer from the animated movie, teased as a future big bad at the end of the final Michael Bay film, famously became Orson Welles’ final film role. Hasbro has made a toy before, but never one so massive it dwarfed all the other robots in disguise, as it should.

Now fans have the opportunity to own a Unicron figure who’s 27 inches tall, and fully converts into a planet with opening jaws. The only catch is that 8,000 fans have to commit to buying this $575 monstrosity in the next 47 days. The figure features more than 50 points of articulation, and looks like he contains sharper pointy bits than a mass-market toy would allow. Sideshow and Hot Toys fans routinely pay this much for their favorite screen-accurate items; with some fans undoubtedly wanting two to display in both modes, funding shouldn’t be tough.

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Movie producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has basically ruled out having Unicron show up in the movies now that Bay’s done with the franchise. So the only way to see the storyline’s biggest bad of all time now is to own him. There’s a buying limit of five figures per transaction, so don’t expect online stores to have a bunch of leftovers.

Check out the gallery below for more images of the mighty Unicron figure. Is there enough room on your shelves for the largest Transformer ever made? Let us know in comments below if the Chaos  a spot in your home.