Deadpool Takes Amusing Advantage of Ghost Rider in This Diorama

For the most part, Deadpool and Ghost Rider both occupy the “mature readers” end of the Marvel Comics spectrum. It’s usually for very different reasons. Ghost Rider is all curses and hellfire and demons; total grimdarkness. Deadpool, on the other hand, is profane and taboo smashing. He’s as likely to mock the hell out of Ghost Rider as to fight the literal hell out of him. And in this new diorama from QMx, he engages in a little functional mockery.

A flaming skull is scary to most people. But to somebody who knows they can’t be killed, it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to tastily burn confectionery! Deadpool’s toasting a marshmallow on Ghost Rider’s head, is what we’re saying. All as part of a diorama that might look like a peaceful bonsai tree from a distance.

GR doesn’t look too put out by it, though. He seems to just be rolling his eyes — yes, this a chibi version so he has eyes — and going “Really?!”

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Approximately eight inches tall with the base, Quantum Mechanics’ new diorama costs $200, and there’s a reason for that. They explain:

Q-Master dioramas are a revolution in premium collectibles: Mixing both stylized and realistic elements in a massive display, these dioramas have both style and substance, displaying stories you won’t see anywhere else in exquisitely-detailed sculpts and paint, in material that is both substantial and durable.

Deadpool x Ghost Rider is cast in Everstone™, a proprietary high-temperature polymer developed by QMx. Everstone™ offers discerning collectors everything they require in a high-quality collectible: fantastic durability, solid weight, and precisely-crafted details that resist both fading and fracture. Everstone™ is everything traditional polystone statues are not – strong yet pliable with the ability to capture minute details in costumes, scenery, and action.

Strong yet pliable sounds a lot like Wade Wilson, now that we think about it. Perfect match of character and form.

What do you think about the new diorama? And will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comment section below!