Deadpool Gets His Own Build-a-Bears

Most die-hard comic book fans wouldn’t consider going to Build-a-Bear to buy themselves something special. But that may change because the company is offering a great online exclusive – a Deadpool edition. Yes, we want them, too.

This item is available for purchase at $40 on the company’s official website. It comes with the Deadpool bear in his signature red costume, with a pair of foam detachable katanas. The official picture for the product, as well as its description, can be found below.

“Here comes Build-A-Bear as Deadpool! This action-packed character is outrageously fun as an online exclusive collector’s item. He even comes with a plush sword accessory set that can attach to his back or wrists. Build-A-Bear as Deadpool is a wacky, zany and mouthy hero that’s a must-have for your collection!”

Fans can also accessorize with a number of items that let them personalize their Deadpool bear. Check out some of the options below.

First up is the “cowboy” look, which provides the Deadpool Build-a-Bear with a hat and matching boots.

Next up is this amazing “skateboarder” and “swords” collection. This includes a matching skateboard and foam mask that give him an ideal look for shredding. Take that, Tony Hawk!

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Now, let’s say fans want to take the sweet route with the loved one in their lives. How about this package that includes a ring holder? They can actually put a real ring inside it and win over their beloved with ease.

And last but not least, how about something that’s both lethal and classy? Then the “ballerina” is just right. Pull out the katanas and get dolled up in a tutu and let the bad guys know that “Swan Lake” is nothing to scoff at.

All of these accessories can be purchased alongside the Deadpool Build-a-Bear on the main page. But this line is probably going to sell out fast. Who knows how many Ryan Reynolds has ordered?

Which DeadpoolBuild-a-Bear will you be calling your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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