Alpha Flight Action Figure Set Revealed at Fan Expo Canada

It’s a beauty, eh? With an enhanced presence at regional conventions, Hasbro has lately taken to revealing local favorite hero figures. Last year they debuted Union Jack in the UK, and Guardian at fan Expo Canada. Well, the Great White North’s favorite convention has come again, and this year Canada gets an entire team! A six-pack of Alpha Flight action figures is now available for preorder at Amazon, including Shaman, Snowbird, Aurora, Vindicator, Northstar and Puck. Sasquatch and Guardian have of course seen previous release.

First appearing in 1979, Alpha Flight began life as part of Wolverine’s backstory, but eventually earned a following of their own. In 1983 they received their own comic which ran over a decade, and continues to get the occasional revival. Canada’s National Defence (yes, with a “c” because Canada) in the Marvel universe includes Department H, tasked with assembling superheroes to fight off super-villains. Alpha Flight comes from this program. Team member Northstar would later make history as the first Marvel comics character to come out as openly gay.

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The team can fly into your life starting December 1st, for $110, less than six individually carded figures would cost. Any collector of Marvel figures likely owns a ton (or tonne) of Wolverine figures already, so it’s time to enhance their backstory, people!

Could your collection use a little more Canada? More Maple leaf for the Marvel? Have your say in our comments below!