Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Prime Day Finds 2021

It’s Amazon Prime Day today! For the next 40 hours or so, as of this writing, look for some deep discounts on products you need, and stuff you just want. But before getting to the Amazon Prime Day finds, we previously ran down some of our favorite pre-existing deals. And here, to peruse again and see if they’ve gone down even further, they are again:

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But now, to go even deeper, here are some of the final deals that won’t last beyond today. Indeed, like all Amazon deals, they’re subject to end without notice. So act fast, and live without regrets.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Launch Edition – PlayStation 5


Discover Miles’ distinct spider-powers while adapting to a new neighborhood and navigating a war between organized crime and an an energy company. This ultimate launch edition of the game also includes Spider-Man Remastered.

Jurassic World Toys Amber Collection John Raymond Arnold


Hold on to your butts, because this guy has had it with these motherf***ing dinosaurs in this motherf***ing park! Yes, Samuel L. Jackson’s character from the very first Jurassic Park movie gets his own (half-price) action figure, complete with severed arm. No cigarette, though, because that would be inappropriate.

Batman: The Complete Animated Series [Blu-ray]


Own all 109 episodes and two features of what many fans consider the definitive Batman adaptation. Kevin Conroy voices Gotham’s Dark Knight against Mark Hamill’s Joker (and many other foes). The Paul Dini/Bruce Timm cartoon combines influences from the likes of Max Fleischer and Tim Burton, and defined DC animation for a long time thereafter.

Marvel Classic Hasbro Legends Series Toys 6″ Collectible Action 6 Pack Alpha Flight 6 Pack, 6 Figures with Premium Design, for Kids Ages 4 & Up (Amazon Exclusive)


Canada’s super-team have never been so affordable! Grab Shaman, Snowbird, Aurora, Vindicator, Northstar, and Puck for less than $12 apiece. Your many Wolverine figures will thank you.

Marvel’s Avengers – PlayStation 5


Enjoy cross-gen play between the PS4 and PS5, as you assemble a team of up to four of Earth’s mightiest. Save the world from an escalation of threats including the likes of M.O.D.O.K. and Maestro, and prepare for the upcoming war for Wakanda.

LEGO Marvel Avengers Compound Battle 76131 Building Set Includes Toy Car, Helicopter, and Popular Avengers Characters Iron Man, Thanos and More (699 Pieces)


LEGO sets rarely go on deep discount, so grab this one while it’s hot. Recreate Thanos’ final Endgame attack on Avengers HQ, as the heroes assemble the nano-gauntlet to stop him. Additionally, it includes Jeep and helicopter, along with a two-level headquarters with garage. Build Iron Man, Nebula, Captain Marvel, Hulk, and an Ant-Man microfigure to beat back the Mad Titan.

Batman: The Court of Owls Mask and Book Set (The New 52)


Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo relaunched Batman with this story that dives into Gotham’s history, and a conspiracy dating back to Bruce Wayne’s youth. Includes an owl mask so you can imagine yourself part of it.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Book & Mask Set


In the extremely unlikely event that anyone reading this doesn’t already own Frank Miller’s original grimdark reinvention of Batman for the ’80s, now’s the time. Zack Snyder’s favorite bit of source material features an un-retired vigilante Batman opposed by a government-endorsed Superman and an unnamed Reagan-esque president who’s a little bit too war-happy. Meanwhile, Joker, Two-Face, and a new gang called the Mutants remain at large. This set includes an angry, snarly Bat-cowl mask to scare people with.

Batman 4K Film Collection


Two of the most beloved Batman movies join two of the most maligned in this remastered set featuring Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher’s cinematic reinvention of the character. Join Michael Keaton as a new, armored Batman in a Gothic noir Gotham. Then watch him become first Val Kilmer and then George Clooney in an ever-expansive, progressively more neon comic book world. And from twisted versions of Penguin and the Joker to an over-the-top Riddler and punny Mr. Freeze, the villains deliver even more star power than the 1966 TV series.

Mad Max High Octane Collection [Blu-ray]


The post-apocalyptic saga about a lone hero in the wilderness made Mel Gibson a star, and defined an entire sci-fi aesthetic. In an ever more lawless world, Max Rockatansky avenges his family’s murders by a biker gang, and then the nuclear apocalypse happens. Society subsequently deteriorates into lawless gangs who battle across the desert for ever-diminishing supplies of fuel. Do we need another hero? This box set includes Blu-rays of all four films, plus the “black and chrome” edition of Fury Road, plus a 4K Fury Road disc.

What great Prime Day deals have you discovered? Let us know in comments!

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