NECA Offers a Better Look at Predator vs. Green Lantern Figure Set

Following three figure sets pitting DC superheroes against Aliens and Predators, we’ve really been anticipating this last one. And yes, NECA has once again gone above and beyond. Their Predator vs. Green Lantern set has more than expected.

Notably, the Green Lantern figure comes with two heads, so he can be either Hal Jordan or John Stewart. (This gimmick also encourages die-hards to buy two.) He comes equipped with three power ring blasts and a battery lantern. The Predator, who has been recruited to the Sinestro Corps, is prepared. With yellow hard-light energy, he has a spear, katana, and a shuriken that can break any defenses from GL’s ring. Not to mention a translucent cannon assembly on his back. Like many other Predator figures, the yellow Yautja comes packed with alternate masked and unmasked portraits.

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Due to licensing restrictions, Predator vs. Green Lantern will only be sold at New York Comic Con, and via limited mail order. Fans attending the event can buy this set by itself, while remote orders can purchase it in a package deal with the Batman vs. Joker Alien set.

The Sinestro Corps Predator was originally little more than a visual Easter Egg in Green Lantern #24, but presumably permitted under the DC/Dark Horse arrangement that allowed for a Green Lantern vs. Aliens miniseries. NECA has been masterful at exploiting every aspect of the Predator toy license, and this is a nifty way to create what may be the best Hal Jordan figure ever.

Check out more images of the set in the gallery below: