Exclusive Hellboy and Superman Figures Light up Comic Stores Next Summer

While the recent Hellboy movie was divisive among fans, we can’t fault the designs of the monsters in it, or Hellboy himself. But we did notice that Mezco’s initial One:12 Collective figure was missing a couple things. Namely, his horns, crown of fire, and flaming sword. In other words, there was no way to make him go full Anung un Rama on our butts. But now the true beast is here. A Previews exclusive version will include all of that, as well as the alternate head and clothes to make a more friendly Hellboy. Best of all, at $80 it costs the same as the original (albeit sold out) version.

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Big red comes with everything you see below. Next June.

And he’s not the only antihero getting a unique-to-Previews figure. One month earlier, in May, Injustice 2 Superman hits stores ready for battle. At 1:18 (3-3/4 inch) scale, he’s a bit smaller, but no less menacing.

For a Superman the size of a classic Star Wars figure, he sure comes loaded with articulation. Hiya Toys have been making Injustice figures for a while now, but only stores that order from Previews will snag this particular Kal-El. At $20, he’s easier on the wallet. He may not look as frightening as Hellboy, but he’s just as devastating…and cool in toy form.

Are you more a Superman fan or a Hellboy stan? Why not both? Let us know if you plan on picking up either one…by commenting below.