Large Jurassic Park LEGO Set Recreates Classic Moments From First Film

Welcome to Jurassic Park…again. What’s old is new, as toys based on the franchise have recently been starting to skew towards the not-insubstantial adult fanbase. It’s been 26 years since the original film hit theaters in 1993, and kids who enjoyed it then for the dinosaurs are now starting to see the appeal of Laura Dern and shirtless Jeff Goldblum. Now your favorite brick set is getting in on the action, with a high-end Jurassic Park LEGO set, T-Rex Rampage, that creatively incorporates multiple scenes from the movie.

Unlike in the kid-focused sets, the tyrannosaurus here has to be built from scratch, and is more dynamic for it. Gear operated front gates are just tall enough for her to rampage through. (Begging the question of why they’d make it so convenient.) But on the backside of the set, embedded within the gates are several mini-movie scenes.

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Wayne Knight losing his canister. Richard Attenborough talking over dinner. Samuel L. Jackson preparing to lose an arm. Laura Dern going down to the switch room. And of course…sexy Jeff Goldblum in reclining pose. Nobody cares much about Gennaro the lawyer, since he wasn’t played by anyone famous, so his portable toilet is here even though he isn’t. Because toilets are funny. Meanwhile, Sam Neill discovers literal Easter eggs at the top of the set.

The set is 3,120 pieces strong, and will retail in the U.S. for $249.99, starting July 1. If you want your income to find a way, start saving now. Don’t rely on Nedry to sneak one out — that guy’s unreliable.

Check out our gallery below for a closer look. Will you build your way back to Jurassic Park?