Hunt Down This New Terminator 2 John Connor Toy at SDCC 2019

Crank up the Guns N’ Roses, shore up your catchphrases, and get ready to pursue John Connor like you’re some kind of killer future robot. Last year at Comic-Con, NECA announced they’d finally make a long-requested action figure of Terminator 2 John Connor, and this week they revealed that he be a convention exclusive for 2019. The deluxe remake of the ’90s Kenner John Connor toy includes a motorcycle, hacking device, second head, Terminator arm, and backpack. Because all of this is brand new sculpting, and a limited run, he’ll cost you $50.

While some collectors are annoyed that a key figure can’t be obtained anywhere but Comic-Con, they should have hope. Newt from Aliens was also a Comic-Con exclusive some years back. Eventually, she resurfaced at retail in a two-pack with Ripley. Mother Sarah makes a big comeback in the new sequel. So it seems more than likely her previous figure could get repackaged alongside the boy.

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Edward Furlong reprised the John Connor role at Universal Studios’ interactive 3D show Terminator: Battle Across Time. Nick Stahl replaced him for the third film. The role has gone to different actors each time out ever since. James Cameron has said that John Connor returns in the new film, Terminator: Dark Fate, but no one has been announced for that role yet.

Check out more official images of the John Connor figure in the gallery below. Will he be yours, or are we way out of line? Let us know in comments.