Mezco Brings a Mighty Big 18-Inch King Kong Figure

It’s been a while since we’ve seen some seriously big, seriously detailed King Kong toys. This seems like a major oversight, since Kong the character is actually in the public domain. Although we should note that specific versions of him and plot elements exclusive to individual movies are not. (This is all due to legal loopholes regarding a novel commissioned by Merian C. Cooper around the same time he was making the film.) So if you’re wondering why Mezco’s King Kong figure doesn’t specifically resemble any one movie version, that’s the reason.

He does, however, incorporate various key features, from the battle scars of Peter Jackson’s version to the whites of the eyes from Cooper and Ernst Schoedsack’s classic original. And he definitely has the resting monsterface of the ’70s incarnation. The giant ape of Skull Island is usually presented as having a sensitive side, relative to most monsters, but this toy cranks up the scary.

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18 inches is pretty tall for an action figure, but if anyone deserves it, the original city-trashing movie monster does. At $250, Mezco has priced him competitively with Hot Toys, and includes three interchangeable heads, plus fists and open hands.  The big guy has ten points of articulation, and is technically close to being in-scale with the company’s One:12 Collective figures. Depending, of course, which of Kong’s many sizes over the years you consider to be the right one. We’re not going to say a One:12 Ann Darrow is likely to go with him, but Mezco’s made niche-ier calls before.

You can preorder Kong now for a winter delivery. Just in time for him to ice skate in Central Park.

Check out some additional images in the gallery below.