New Indiana Jones Figures Revealed by Mezco, Hasbro, and Hot Toys

It’s almost time for the (allegedly) final Indiana Jones movie to hit theaters, and just before it does, all the toy companies want you to know there’ll be plenty of chances to take home the world’s most daring fictional archeologist. Mezco will bring him into the One:12 Collection, Hot Toys enlivens every wrinkle with their Dial of Destiny figure, and Hasbro has revealed their third, possibly final, wave of Adventure Series figures.

That’s Hot

Hot Toys’ Dial of Destiny figure comes in a regular version and a deluxe edition with rope bridge base. His head includes the articulated eyeball action feature, and he comes with the iconic bullwhip and the Dial of Destiny, along with other archeological tools like a light-up flashlight. No guns, though. The war’s over, for now.

As of this writing he’s not up for preorder yet, but he should go up soon at Sideshow’s site.

Mezco’s version includes a gun, multiple whips, troch with removable blowdarts, spiderweb, bag of sand, gun, and a pedestal with the fertility idol. Indy himself gets four interchangeable heads, multiple hands, and a logo base that, unfortunately for originalist purists, reads, “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Preorders end July 19th and cost $130. And if Mezco’s working with Lucasfilm now, who knows what might be next?

As for Hasbro, they did previously reveal the lineup for Adventure Series 3 with what they call a “pipeline reveal” during their last fanstream. The fanstream this morning not only had none for the future, but confirmed there will be no new reveals at Comic-Con either. Fans suspect the worst — that once again we’ll be robbed of some of the best characters as figures because Hasbro rushed out a ton of generic men in suits rather than Mola Ram or the Crystal Skeleton. If this is the last wave, it at least includes key characters Henry Jones, Elsa Schneider, Grail Knight, and new villain Jurgen Voller. There’s also an obligatory Indy variant and Antonio Banderas’ Renaldo, who does very little in the new movie. Collect them all to build a Grail Table artifact.

Hasbro’s figures will be available in the Fall. In the meantime, check out a whole mess of official images below.

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