SDCC: Summit Premieres Astro Boy Trailer

Summit and Imagi entertainment just debuted their new trailer for Astro Boy at the conclusion of their Comic-Con panel.

The trailer, which still included a few unfinished shots, was introduced by director David Bowers who promised an eager audience that they were the very first eyes to ever see it.

Opening with a narrator’s voice, we’re told, “In this lab, the world’s top scientist is building his most incredible creation”. We’re treated to glimpses of the process that brings Astro to life; a robotic skeleton and the a body laid around it.

Dr. Tenma (Nicolas Cage) explains that his creation will mean the return of his son and we see Astro waking up.

We catch a glimpse of Cora (Kristen Bell), the new character created specifically for the film. Astro meets her and her gang of fellow kids.

There’s the big robot from the manga and cartoon, Zog (in later scenes he has the word spray-painted on his chest) that Astro finds in a junkyard and repairs.

We see General Stone (Donald Sutherland) realizing the power of Astro and telling his men that he needs to catch him. There’s a bunch of scenes of the ensuing chase (which was also screened in it entirety for the audience).

There’s a number of flashes of Astro in some sort of gladiator arena where he seems to be forced to battle against other robots.

Some of the unfinished shots involve Astro fighting against a giant one-eyed tentacle monster and one included him in his full iconic outfit, shirtless with shorts.

The trailer ends with Astro battling Stone’s giant robot (called the Peacekeeper) and discovering his “butt machine guns,” literally turning to stare at them with incredulity and saying, “I’ve got machine guns… in my butt?!”

Along with the trailer, two scenes were shown that screened recently for press at Imagi’s studio tour. One featured the chase, as Stone’s men pursue Astro through the city and the other had Astro battling Stone’s Peacekeeper robot and being saved by Cora and their dog-robot friend.

Bowers seemed to indicate that the trailer should hit theaters within the next few weeks, as soon as work on the remaining shots can be completed.

Astro Boy is slated to hit theaters October 23. Check back later today for a full transcript from the press conference.

Source: Silas Lesnick