Which X-Men Movie is Next?

With X-Men Origins: Wolverine having already pulled in $356.2 million worldwide, and both a sequel and Deadpool spin-off in the works, we were wondering what the status of the other “X-Men” spin-offs was.

Today, we got a chance to talk to David Goyer, who’s executive producing ABC’s upcoming “Flash Forward” and whose The Unborn hits DVD and Blu-ray on July 7. Goyer has been attached to write and direct Magneto, but he’s not sure if that will move forward before X-Men: First Class.

“There have been some preliminary discussions,” he told us about Magneto, adding, “I think, at Fox, they’re trying to decide if making a young X-Men film makes the most sense next, does making a ‘Magneto’ make the most sense next. They’re just trying to decide internally who’s next up.”

So it sounds like there’s a face-off between Wolverine, Deadpool, Magneto and First Class at Fox right now. Who do you think will win and get the green light first?

Source: Superhero Hype!