The First 22 Minutes of Watchmen Watched

Devin Faraci at got a chance to watch the first 22 minutes of Warner Bros. Pictures’ Watchmen this weekend at Butt-Numb-A-Thon in Austin and has described what he saw in full. Here’s a clip:

It will look and feel like a real movie.

That’s a weird thing to say, but there are lots of people out there who, having only seen the trailers released to the public, are jumping to the conclusion that Zack Snyder has made a Watchmen filled with speed ramping and flashy money shots. From what I’ve seen this isn’t even remotely true at all. The footage is stylish – well shot, with rich visuals and dynamic compositions – but it looked more like a modern take on a noir film than anything else. What I saw was moody, sometimes muted. Snyder allows his takes to be long, eschewing a quick cut style that many seem to think would rule the day in this film. The 22 minutes I saw didn’t feel like an action film at all.

You can check out his full article here!

Source: CHUD