Snyder on the New Watchmen Trailer

Dark Horizons got a chance to see the Watchmen footage that was screened in North America recently, but they also sat down with director Zack Snyder and learned new things, such as when we get to see two more trailers. Here’s a clip:

The second however is on its way, attached to “Quantum of Solace” in theaters next Friday. Snyder says “I just saw the final version of it this morning… it’s a little bit more story, a teeny bit more like a full trailer. This is much more like ‘someone’s picking off costume heroes’. You’ll get a sense of the characters plight you know, ‘we were supposed to make the world a better place… what happened to the American Dream’.” Some elements have had to be changed for the trailer, most notably Dr. Manhattan’s exposed genitals have had to be ‘defocused’ to be granted approval by the MPAA. He also confirms a third trailer will hit early in the new year.

He also talks about the test screening ending and much more here!

In related news, has revealed the new cover of EGM magazine featuring Watchmen. The issue concentrates on the upcoming prequel game, “Watchmen: The End Is Nigh,” which will be downloadable and episodic.

Source: Dark Horizons, Brainless Zombie