New Gotham Tonight Episodes, In-Theater Promo

‘bhaworth’ tells us both the third and fourth episodes of “Gotham Tonight” have started airing and come online:

The new episode of Gotham Tonight premiered at midnight tonight, but more than one premiered.

The first one (Episode 3) is up here. It deals with the return of Johnathan Crane and more importantly it explains that bizarre security camera footage from the laughtillithurts site.

Episode 4 is all about James Gordon and may hint at how The Joker may have learned of the mob’s money. You can watch it here.

Meanwhile, ‘Blight’ sent us this interesting bit:

I went to the movie theatre tonight (Regal Cinemas) and about a 5th of the main lobby was taken up by a large wooden booth that was in construction. On the outside of the booth was a poster that said “THE JOKER IS COMING” with TDK advance ticket sale ads on the outsides of the booth. There is a small window and inside the booth is a bench and chair. The employees told me it will be a “meet the joker” type thing. Just thought I should pass this along.

Source: bhaworth, Blight