Transformers 2 Set Report and Video

Scooper ‘JfHideout’ got close to the filming for Michael Bay’s Transformers 2 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and sent us this report along with a video of the filming which also includes stills towards the end:

Hey guys — just got back from the Transformers 2 filming in Bethlehem (where I also reside). Not too much was able to be seen up close, but they dressed up the old Bethlehem Steel to have some neon Chinese signs (got a couple pics of those) and we saw two Blackhawk helicopters, an Apache, and 2 other smaller copters that said “Police” across the side of them flying around. We got as close as we could at one point and we could see the extras running around in the distance while they did take after take of the copters flying overhead of the Bethlehem Steel plant. Also, we got wind that they brought Ironhide in at some point tonight, but we didn’t see him. And we also heard that at least Tyrese Gibson was on the set for the day (and we heard a rumor that Josh Duhamel was on the set with Tyrese too — which makes sense I suppose). Anyway, word is the big explosions and pyro will happen tonight so we hope to see that. I got some video clips of the copters flying in and landing that came out pretty good. Would be happy to share those if you’d like. I’ll try to report in tonight too if I make it back there.

Source: JfHideout