Update #3: It’s All Part of the Plan!

It has begun…

Clowns on the ground in the various cities are getting to see the trailer after completing their tasks! ‘Nightcrow’ wrote from London:

I just got back from the trailer…it was quite crazy…they handed us Joker cards and a raffle ticket.

They then handed a tin to some guy in the crowd and told us all to walk to the Odeon cinema.

We all sat down in anticipation…and they showed us the trailer….and AWESOME AWESOME trailer!!!

At then end of the trailer, they called out a raffle ticket number and some lucky guy got the reel of the actual trailer…lets see if it comes up online. 😉

UPDATE #1: Uhm, yeah, for some reason we don’t think the fans online participating in these virals will be happy about this one. While the ground crews got to see the trailer today WITH HELP from the online fans, the online fans will have to wait until SUNDAY to see the trailer online. Fair much? You decide…

Anyways, the trailer looks to be hitting WhySoSerious.com/HappyTrails on Sunday. In the meantime, you can burn off your frustration by shooting ducks here (shooting the ducks only on row 2 in this order – YBBYYYYBBYBBY – will make you a winner and take you to the “HappyTrails” site linked above).

UPDATE #2: We’re not sure how long this will be online…


UPDATE #3: Warner Bros. Pictures has removed the video from YouTube. Stay tuned to Superhero Hype! for when the trailer comes online officially.

Source: Superhero Hype!