Update #3: Your Assignment? Operation Slipknot

Fans have started receiving yet another e-mail from “Jim Gordon” for the Dark Knight viral marketing campaign. In it, he says:

OK friend, you’re up to bat now. You have yourself a new assignment: Operation Slipknot.

The e-mail links to this site.

Meanwhile, another new site, GothamIntercontinentalHotel.com has also come online.

UPDATE #1: TheBadandUgly.com has posted a great update showing what the fans, who were able to get their calls through yesterday, are receiving this morning. Stay tuned to GPDMCU.com/OperationSlipknot where more and more suspects are being apprehended.

UPDATE #2: A new viral site has been found – KinslyTravel.com.

UPDATE #3: The official website for the Harvey Dent campaign was updated and fans were e-mailed the following today:

What a difference a week makes.

Last week, our campaign looked like it was on its last legs. The media was burying us, and urged us to withdraw for the sake of Gotham City. The smear campaign, with its vicious lies against Harvey Dent, spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the one man who can save Gotham.

But now – thanks to people like you – things look very different. Thousands of people gathered in the Dent for DA headquarters for its reopening. And I saw something different in the crowd. Something has changed. The “White Knight Incident,” as it has become known, is allowing people to see Harvey Dent differently. Not just as a man with the guts and the toughness to change Gotham. But as a symbol of the best of Gotham City – a Gotham we almost forgot existed.

But that Gotham City does exist. It’s a Gotham where ordinary people can walk out their door at night without fearing for their lives. It’s a Gotham where the good can triumph over the evil. It’s a Gotham where justice isn’t just for the rich and powerful, but for everyone.

With your help, we’ll bring back that vision of Gotham. On Election Day, everything changes. Harvey Dent will take back Gotham City – thanks to the hard work of people like you.

See you on election day!

Allan Cypes

Media Manager, Harvey Dent for Gotham DA

Source: JP Sheridan, BigTonyVegas, Bat_fan415