Gotham Knights Update Trailer Reveals Starro, New 2-Player Mission

As of today, DC fans can finally sink their teeth into the first bit of Gotham Knights DLC in the form of a free update that adds a four-player co-op mission to the game as a bonus feature. Unlike the story campaign, the new Heroic Assault mode lets players control each of the title’s principal heroes in a lengthy battle that starts miles below Gotham City. Now, in honor of the DLC release, the developers have released a new trailer that gives us a closer look at what the mission entails.

Yesterday, before the update went live, the developers shared new key art for Heroic Assault revealing Starro the Conqueror’s role in the mission. But the trailer confirms what many of us already suspected. As in The Suicide Squad (and his many comic book appearances before that), Starro uses Facehugger-like spores as a means of mind-control, guaranteeing a reward for anyone who frees him from his holding cell. Players will encounter several waves of these hapless victims across 30 different floors, including familiar Gotham Knights bosses like Man-Bat and the dreaded Gladiator Talon.

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The trailer also reveals a second new mode that comes with the update—Showdown, a 2-player co-op mission. This level pits gamers against a handful of Gotham Knights’ deadliest villains, including Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, and Clayface. The developers also promise “supercharged encounters” with each of these foes. In other words, they might be a lot harder to defeat than they were in the base game.

Gotham Knights is now available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Microsoft Windows.

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