More Atomic Robo… Past, Free, and Future

Bursting on to comic store shelves in October 2007 as the debut title of publisher Red 5 Comics, “Atomic Robo” has quickly become a cult favorite of discerning and fun-loving comic readers everywhere and earning many “Best of 2007” nods.

“Atomic Robo #1” has sold out of its first and second printings (over 8000 copies). “Atomic Robo #2” also sold out, and as of this week “Atomic Robo #3, #4 and #5” have sold out – all earning a spot in the monthly top 300. The final issue of this volume, “Atomic Robo #6” (JAN083857), arrives on March 12 with the strongest initial orders of the series.

In response to continued demand, Red 5 Comics has issued a third printing of “Atomic Robo #1” (with the striking Michael Avon Oeming cover), and second printings of “Atomic Robo #2” to “#5” will be available for pre-order from Diamond Comics next week and on-shelf starting March 19.

But the adventures of “Atomic Robo” do not end there.

His next Action Science outing will be on Free Comic Book Day, May 3, 2008 in an all-new 16-page battle against Russian Comm-bots in the 1960s. “Robo” co-creators Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener return for script and art duties, respectively – along with colorist Ronda Pattison and letterer Jeff Powell. Be sure to check with your favorite local comic shop in February to see if they are participating in Free Comic Book Day and including “Atomic Robo” (FEB080036).

Red 5 Comics is pleased to announce that starting this fall, “Atomic Robo” will return as a continuing series, with Clevinger and Wegener on-board for over twenty issues of “Robo” exploits over the next three years.

“We couldn’t be happier to be able to share more of Robo’s adventures,” said Clevinger. “I can promise more explosions and more punching, but the two are probably unrelated. Punching things until they explode is just bad strategy, even for a robot.”

On the success of “Robo,” Wegener waxed, “It was Mark Twain who said, ‘Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.’ The first time I drew Robo in a pair of cargo pants and muddy combat boots it was instant BFFs. Thank God other people seem to like the idea too.”

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Source: Red 5 Comics