DC Comics Reveals Even More Worlds Involved in 2015’s Convergence

Earlier this week, DC Comics announced their big 2015 event would be “Convergence,” a series featuring cities from both planets and timelines that no longer exist trapped in bottles by the big bad Brainiac and forced together in one big space. The series will run as a weekly comic from April 1 through May 27 and will be published alongside 42 issue mini-series. Now, DC has revealed an even bigger piece of the puzzle by debuting the logo for “Convergence” along with an expanded teaser image. Check it out below.

Click on the image to see a bigger version!

Now, to break down what worlds are being show in this teaser image, we’ve added a number system to the image (pictured below) with what that particular “Earth” from the DC Multiverse happens to be (with special thanks to Geek Rex for their Multiverse index).

#1 Superman: Red Son of Earth-30, created in the Mark Millar/Dave Johnson mini-series.

#2 Though we’re unsure what “Earth” this is, the image appears to show fan favorites Wally West as The Flash, Cassandra Cain as Black Bat, Renee Montoya as The Question, Stephanie Brown as Batgirl, and old school Harley Quinn. The interesting thing about this, of course, is that these characters as they appear are not present in The New 52, despite fan out cry. C,ould we be seeing the first appearance of “Earth-Fan Service?”

#3 Earth-AD featuring Kamandi, the last boy on Earth, and Prince Tufton.

#4 Kingdom Come of Earth 22 from the Mark Waid/Alex Ross mini-series.

#5 Seemingly a Pre-Zero Hour DCU as it features the hook-handed Aquaman, Steel, Azrael Batman, and the Parallax-possessed Hal Jordan.

#6 It’s unclear who this is in the image, though it could be a female?

#7 The Future as seen in the first issue of Futures End.

#8 The world of Flashpoint, the mini-series that bridged the gap between the “old” DCU and The New 52 wherein Emperor Aquaman and Queen Wonder Woman are at war, among many other bizarre twists.

#9 Earth-Two, the home of the Golden Age DC characters such as Alan Scott/Green Lantern and Jay Garrick/The Flash.

#10 A Batman-centric world, perhaps when Dick Grayson wore the cowl?

#11 The Justice Riders of Earth-18 from the one shot by Chuck Dixon and J.H. Williams III.

#12 This appears to be a superhero free panel, perhaps some regular Earth without heroes?

#13 Earth-Three, the home of the evil versions of our favorite heroes such as Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman, Power Ring, and more.

#14 The Rock of Eternity where in Billy Batson gained the powers of Shazam.

#15 It’s unclear what this world could be.

#16 The “Vampire” Earth of Earth-43, first seen in the Doug Moench/Kelley Jones graphic novel Batman/Dracula: Red Rain.

#17 Earth-4, the home of the Charlton Comics characters The Question, Captain Atom, Blue Beetle and more, some might recognize this as the basis for Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ series Watchmen.

#18 The Freedom Fights of Earth X, an alternate world where the Nazis won World War II and Uncle Sam leads a brigade of super-powered heroes against them.

#19 The “Tangent Comics” world of Earth-9 featuring the likes of Harvey Dent SuperMan and others.

#20 The teenage superhero team Gen 13 of the “Wildstorm Universe” on Earth-50.

#21 Thunderworld of Earth-5 featuring Billy Batson as Captain Marvel and his sidekicks Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr.

#22 The Legion of Superheroes from the 30th Century.

#23 The world of “DC One Million” from the 853rd Century.

#24 Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew of Earth-26.

#25 and #26 Appear to be two more unsuspecting Earths without superheroes.

Check out our labeled image with the corresponding numbers below and let us know which Earth you’re most looking forward to seeing in the comments!

Click on the image to see a bigger version!