Hurt on Hulk/Iron Man, and an Iron Monger Toy!

We’re not sure if William Hurt was supposed to say this much, but he said quite a bit to MTV at the Sundance Film Festival about starring in The Incredible Hulk and the film’s cross-over with Iron Man. (Spoilers Ahead!) Exhibit A:

“I have a scene with Iron Man, with Robert Downey Jr.,” the Oscar-winning actor told MTV News Friday at the Sundance Film Festival. “It’s a funky scene”… “I don’t know how it’ll work,” Hurt admitted, saying it was a thrill to appear as General Thaddeus Ross during Downey’s scene. “I know it’s weird [to work with a character from another movie], and to know it’s a device. We did something; I don’t know what that’s going to be like [to watch].”

He goes even further, detailing a big spoiler. Exhibit B:

“Liv Tyler, I play her father, General Ross,” he explained. “There’s a scene, and during that scene there are a number of things happening. [Hulk] has beaten Abomination, and then there’s a crowd that gathers around, and they realize that he’s beaten Abomination. That Abomination was the one who was killing for just the joy of killing; Hulk is not the one… “It’s the moment of turn,” Hurt added, “when society’s relationship with Hulk stops being so stupid.”

Thought that was it? There’s even more at the link above. Meanwhile, scooper ‘Toy Man’ sent us a photo of a Iron Monger (AKA Obadiah Stane played by Jeff Bridges in Iron Man).

Source: Sarg92, Advanced Dark, Toy Man, Terracotta