A Superhero Suprise in I Am Legend

This will be old news to many, but now that I Am Legend has been in theaters for a week, we thought we’d answer all the e-mails we’ve gotten. We didn’t want to spoil the easter egg put into I Am Legend by writer/producer Akiva Goldsman and let fans discover it on their own!

In the beginning of the film, Will Smith is hunting a deer and when he walks through a deserted Times Square, fans get to see a quick glimpse of a big Batman vs. Superman billboard. It was meant as a joke by Goldsman, but some fans are wondering if it means a Batman vs. Superman movie is already in development — not so.

Goldsman was once attached to a real Batman vs. Superman movie, but the script didn’t get the green light. He also wrote Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.

In the movie, even though it is 2012, the virus hit in 2009, so Goldsman thought about which movies “could” possibly come to theaters in ’09. In the video store Will Smith goes into you’ll also see fake Green Lantern and Teen Titans posters.

Source: Superhero Hype!