Dark Knight Explosion Rocks Londoners

The London Paper has a spoilerish report on a explosion that took place on Thursday night for The Dark Knight in London. If you don’t want to know a thing, click back now, otherwise here’s a clip:

These were the amazing scenes as Battersea Power Station appeared to explode in the dead of night last night.

The emergency services were flooded with calls from local residents who feared the defunct electricity generating plant had been targeted by terrorists.

But they were reassured the 200ft fireball, accompanied by columns of grey smoke, which could bee seen for miles across the capital, was a special effect for the latest Batman film.

The spectacular stunt scene, in which Batman actor Christian Bale narrowly cheats death, is believed to be the opening sequence of the [sixth] caped crusader movie The Dark Knight.

You can see photos of the explosion at the link above.

Source: Battersea Bat