Goyer on Magneto and Super Max

Wizard caught up with David Goyer at Wizard World Chicago and asked him about Magneto, the “X-Men” spinoff he’s writing and directing:

“We’re scouting and budgeting now. It’s the origins of the X-Men with Magneto and Charles Xavier. We’ve done some scouts and it mostly takes place in Europe and Argentina. We’re doing budgets and we’re sort of halfway crewed up, and so that’ll be the big question: whether we can bring it in for a price. But that’s all I can say.”

He also talked a bit more about Super Max, which he is producing. Justing Marks is writing the film about Green Arrow, who is being wrongly imprisoned in a jail for supervillains:

“We haven’t even officially turned in a script for that yet. The idea is that they’re mostly sort of third-tier DC villains, but that was part of the fun, that they’re relatively obscure. But Icicle is in it from JSA—from my days on writing that. I mean, people will recognize most of them. What we did was present to DC a list of people we wanted, and then they went through it on a case-by-case basis and told us whether we could have them or not.”

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Source: Wizard