The Incredible Hulk Set Report

Scooper ‘Jude’ sent in word from The Incredible Hulk set (includes a minor spoiler):

So this is the story, I’m a University of Toronto student and employee and for the past month they have been filming the Hulk 2 on our campus right in front of my office. Today my boss was talking to one of the head guys on set and they said that when they signed Edward Norton on to the movie they gave him final script approval and he has since pretty much re-written the entire script with almost daily rewrites on scenes.

As for whats been happening on campus…they have done over Knox college on campus, changed all the signs to make it a fake place called Culver University (research and technology). There are guys dressed up as army men all over and the people on set have been referring to them as “Hulk Busters”. Today I saw them film a scene with Ed Norton running with army guys in pursuit.

The new movie, also starring Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, Tim Blake Nelson, Christina Cabot and William Hurt, opens June 13, 2008.

Source: Jude