The Dark Knight Wizard World Chicago Update!

Scooper ‘spyder_2407’ wrote about The Dark Knight at Wizard World Chicago on Saturday, August 11:

I just got back from Wizard World Chicago… with exciting news!! At the end of the DC Nation panel today, it was announced that there WILL be a TDK panel tomorrow!! They didn’t specifically mention “TDK”, but did drop several hints that it’s definitely going to be that.

Here’s the info:

At 10am at the DC Comics booth, several things will be given out to those lucky enough to be at the head of line to get them. 1) secret item, 2) wristband, 3) piece of paper with important instructions.

The wristband will get people into a “special DC/WB presentation” in the Dave Cockrum Room at 6pm, not 2pm as previously thought. They’re going to pack the room full with people.

NO ELECTRONICS of any kind allowed. Nothing that can record sound and/or images. This includes cell phones, mp3 players, video cameras, still image cameras, etc. No one will be allowed in the panel if they have any of these items. And I wasn’t sure if this was a joke (even though they said they were being serious), but apparently there will be people scoping out the room with night vision goggles. They said they want this to be something special for the people in the room, not something special for 1 million people on youtube.

Also, at the beginning of WW this morning, I had talked to a guy working the DC booth. At first he acted like he knew nothing about any TDK panel, but after his boss left he told me that there will be footage shown, but no trailer.

Source: spyder_2407