I Want [Insert Movie/Role Here]

With superhero movies all the rage these days, actors are speaking up about what kind of role they would like to land.

First up, Missy Peregrym (“Heroes”) tells Wizard she wants Wonder Woman:

“Actually, I’ve been pushing for that for so long because I know the guys who are trying to develop it and it’s been forever that they’ve been trying to get this script going.”

More on that at the link above. Another “Heroes” star, Milo Ventimiglia, tells MTV he wouldn’t mind playing Robin:

“They’ve never done it right,” he added, explaining why Robin has always seemed so dorky in the past. Asked how he’d change the Robin story, Ventimiglia offered up a single word that speaks chapters to comic fans: “Nightwing.”

More on that at the link as well. And Vinnie Jones also told the site he has a Juggernaut pitch:

But get this super-fan: Sure Jones thinks it’d be cool to “give the Juggernaut a mission – he can kick anybody’s ass,” but what the 42-year-old actor really wants out of this literally unstoppable force is…a little breather?

Source: Lobo