Sam J. Jones to Guest on Flash Gordon

SCI FI announced today the casting of Sam J. Jones as a guest star on the Channel’s new series “Flash Gordon.” Jones played the title character in Mike Hodges’ 1980 film, Flash Gordon.

Introduced in a widely read comic strip by Alex Raymond and film serials starring the late Buster Crabbe, “Flash Gordon” gained a new legion of fans in the 1980s with a film starring Sam J. Jones. SCI FI Channel’s “Flash Gordon,” a new original series premiering August 10 @ 9PM and featuring Eric Johnson (“Smallville”) in the title role, contemporizes the Flash legacy for a new generation of viewers.

With a tip of the hat to the Flash legacy, Sam J. Jones will guest star in an upcoming episode of the SCI FI series entitled “Revelations.” Jones will play ‘Krebb,’ a seedy prisoner who reveals surprising information about the fate of Flash’s long lost father.

This special episode of “Flash Gordon” is slated to premiere on SCI FI Channel in October.

Source: SCI FI Channel