Flash Gordon Faces the Wood Beast for NECA SDCC Exclusive

He’s just a man with a man’s courage. You know he’s nothing but a man, he can never fail. But can he pass the challenge of the Wood Beast? In one of the tensest sequences in 1980’s Flash Gordon, Flash (Sam J. Jones) must engage in a ritual that has killed many an Arborian before they even reach manhood. If they can stick their arm into the stump and not get stung by the creature within, they’ll become adults. If it stings, madness will follow, and surely death thereafter, unless sword-happy Prince Barin (Timothy Dalton) is willing to impale them instead.

Got Wood?

Continuing NECA‘s Flash Gordon figure line is this San Diego Comic-Con exclusive two-pack — sort of — of Flash and the Wood Beast in its stump. It’s basically a minor redeco of the existing Flash with lots of new accessories, including Barin’s sword and whip, and the beast itself in addition to its large stump.

Fun fact — on many older TV edits of the movie, Flash’s test with the Wood Beast was edited out completely in order to fit time constraints and commercial breaks. Instead, a massive jump cut implied that Barin challenged Flash immediately to a duel in the Hawkman city, and they all just somehow showed up there. In case you were wondering if the Mandela Effect was in play, NECA’s exclusive set is here to prove that scene actually did happen and is in all current digital versions of the film.

Like the rest of NECA’s exclusives, this set will have limited quantities available online June 26-28 at TheNECAStore.com. More will be available at SDCC, probably for around $60-$70. Obviously, we need a Prince Barin to fill out this display — here’s hoping that NECA wouldn’t tease us like that if he weren’t on the way!

In the meantime, see the official images below.