UPDATED: The Joker Believes in Harvey Dent Too!

Warner Bros. is really kicking-off the viral campaign for The Dark Knight early! In addition to the official website launching with a link to IBelieveinHarveyDent.com, the studio has also brought online a site made by the Joker. At IBelieveinHarveyDentToo.com, fans get a look at a defaced Harvey Dent image. But the cool thing is that when you enter your e-mail and a code, you’ll receive an e-mail with a link and X and Y coordinates that will reveal one pixel from an image underneath!

What will the image be? Get started here!

UPDATE: The image has now been uncovered enough to make out that it’s indeed the first photo of Heath Ledger as The Joker! To check it out, just click here and the pixels will start disappearing almost right away.

Source: BartIsNotAHorse, Mysterio, Matt