Supernatural’s Misha Collins Cast as Gotham Knights’ Harvey Dent

Justice, in a post-Batman Gotham City, will have two faces, it seems. Both on the same man: Harvey Dent, who’ll now be played by Misha Collins. Via Deadline, it sounds like he’ll begin The CW’s show as the crusading and heroic DA, but evolve into coin-flippimg villain Two-Face over the course of the series. And given that Gotham Knights is set in Gotham City following the murder of Bruce Wayne, that’s a big change for Harvey. Canonically, he becomes Two-Face after Batman tries to protect him from an acid attack, but only manages to protect half his face. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight changed it up, but the constant remained Batman trying and failing to make the save.

Here’s what Deadline writes, which sounds like an official description but is not explicitly mentioned as such: “Dashing with a swagger, Collins’ Harvey Dent is Gotham’s charismatic, hard-charging District Attorney. With a rigid sense of right and wrong, Harvey’s idealism and single-minded quest for justice will ironically and tragically transform him into one of Gotham’s most feared supervillains, Two-Face.”

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Collins himself Tweeted out an image of the Hot Toys Harvey Dent figure from the Dark Knight, along with a Supernatural joke:

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