FX Webs Spider-Man 3

FX has beat out TNT/TBS, USA and Spike to land exclusive rights to Spider-Man 3, which could earn Sony more than $40 million for the network window, reports Variety.

The final license fee depends on how much money Spider-Man 3 ends up making in U.S. theaters. If the domestic gross shoots up to $400 million or more, FX could pay up to $33 million.

In addition, FX’s five-year deal allows Sony to carve out three separate windows within the FX license term to sell the picture to one or more broadcast networks, which could pony up another $7 million to $10 million for Spider-Man 3.

FX gets its first batch of Spider-Man 3 runs in 2009. FX previously locked up exclusive network-window rights to Spider-Man 2, which harvested more than 1-million people 18 to 49 when the network ran it in primetime on April 30. (TNT and its TBS sibling own the original Spider-Man).

Source: Variety