Iron Man Director Gives an Update!

Iron Man director Jon Favreau has updated his MySpace Iron Man group blog with the following:

I just got back in town. The company has been on the road for many weeks. We started off in the mountains of Lone Pine which doubled for Afghanistan. We then moved to Edwards Air Force Base. We finally closed out the out of town work with Fontana, CA. Let me confirm a few things: The movie will contain both the gray suit and the gold and red. The light you see in the photo on Robert’s chest in the USA Today article is the chest piece glowing through his shirt. He is in captivity and forging the mask of the Mark 1. Both suits have been built practically by Winston Studios and are busily at work as we speak.

Follow the link for more info on the suits and what Favreau’s plans are for ComiCon.

Iron Man hits theaters in 2008!

Source: the reel chris