Hot Toys 1/4 Scale Iron Man Mark VI: Most Detailed MCU Figure Ever?

A typical Hot Toys figure tends to be the most detailed, realistic, 1/6 scale (about 12 inches) figure possible of any given character. Yet sometimes, just sometimes, a character will have details too small to properly capture at that size. So Hot Toys goes bigger. Their latest Iron Man is a quarter-scale behemoth at around 18 inches tall, and it doesn’t just stop at an accurate movie-likeness. It’s also filled with LEDs, pop-up panels big and tiny, interchangeable battle-damaged parts, rolling eyes, and even “helmet-head” hair on the Robert Downey Jr. likeness.

Downey Freshness

Per the official description, this massive metal-head “allows for dynamic posing across its full range of motion with over 40 points of articulation. Battle damaged interchangeable parts bringing alternate looks of the armor right off the screen. Subtle weathering realistically portrays battle scars, while LED light-up functions in the eyes, chest reactor and repulsors add an immersive display element. It comes with a specially designed diorama base depicts the battlefield along with mechanical remains of the drones as diorama accessories to give an intricate, realistic feel.”

In case you don’t have your Iron Man suit marks straight, the Mark VI is the version used in the final battle of Iron Man 2, when Tony and Rhodey faced off against an array of Hammer drones and their new commander, Whiplash, in an upgraded battle suit.

Sideshow’s site, as of this writing, still lists the preorder as coming soon. Since Hot Toys has now fully revealed the figure, the chance to shut up and give your money should follow shortly. Expect a price in the $600 range, which amounts to approximately $33.33 per inch. Still, if you plan to buy only one Iron Man collectible in your life and want the best possible version, this just might be the one you need.

Check out the images below for all the details:

Iron Man Mark VI towers over the rest.