Spider-Man 3 Interviews: Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst reprises her role as Mary Jane in Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man 3 and Superhero Hype! got a chance to talk to her about the anticipated film.

Superhero Hype!: Is this the end of your experience with MJ, or do you see yourself doing 4-6?

Kirsten Dunst:: This is definitely the end to this trilogy. We’ve closed this chapter. But if Sam and Tobey and I were to come back together, we’d definitely be doing another movie.

SHH!: Were you playing the MJ after storyline, not thinking about the special effects?

Dunst: On this one, they’re finally together and she is successful in what she’s doing, and he’s been embraced by the city of New York and getting all these accolades. It’s blown his head up a little bit. Slowly, we start to unravel Mary Jane, their relationship—they’re already ignoring things within that—it doesn’t help that he takes on this other darkness that envelopes his character, and brings out all the things he’s not dealing with in his life all his anger really heightens that.

SHH!: Can you get focused in your storyline and not think about Sandman’s story?

Dunst: Oh, I just focus on what I’m doing. It’s a surprise when I see the movie because I don’t know what half of it’s going to look like. I saw Thomas and I said, hey, we’re in the same movie. We all had our separate lives and stories going on, which makes sense because that’s what it’s like in the film.

SHH!: Did you enjoy singing?

Dunst: I was just happy that she finally got a gig. I’ve always sang so it wasn’t a big deal to me. I could prerecord it and just lip-synch to it.

SHH!: Have you heard about the musical?

Dunst: Yeah, that’s amazing. I heard about it today. U2? That’s incredible. That’s the coolest ever—I mean, Julie Taymor directing? I was shocked, because usually when they do that kind of reinvention thing, they get a little cheesy. But that’s incredible.

SHH!: Would you like to do Broadway?

Dunst: I could never sing live in front of a big audience. I’m not a Broadway actress. No, no, no.

SHH!: Are you going to play Debbie Harry?

Dunst: Yeah, but it’s too early to talk about it.

SHH!: MJ’s kind of unraveling in this film but she doesn’t really tell Peter.

Dunst: There wasn’t an opportunity. Also, there’s a responsibility in a relationship when someone’s doing something that’s really [special], you don’t want to put [your problems] on them that day. Then there was that other thing that happened at the keys to the city ceremony, so it just kind of builds and builds and builds.

SHH!: Was it funny watching Tobey dance at the jazz club?

Dunst: It was so funny and I had to have a reaction of Peter, what’s wrong with you, but I couldn’t even do it, because when I’d see Tobey, I’d laugh when he was dancing. It’s so ridiculous. And I had to be in a shocked, what’s-happened-to-Peter mode. Meanwhile, he’s doing all these pelvic twists and thrusts. I couldn’t watch him do it anymore.

SHH!: Having done three of these superhero films, is it disappointing that you don’t get to do superhero stuff yourself? Would you like to see more female superheroes in film?

Dunst: Honestly, I have absolutely no interest in being a superhero. I got to throw a cinderblock in this one, which was fine. That’s enough action for me. If I were to do any superhero-esque film, I’d do some werewolf, avant-garde in-the-streets-of Paris or something. Remember that movie with the vampire.

SHH!: Interview?

Dunst: No, like I’m going to reference my own film and act like I don’t know what it is, that would be so lame. No, it was called “Lost Boys.” Something’s that cool like that.

SHH!: What about the “Barbarella” remake?

Dunst: No, I don’t want to wear that outfit. That’s too revealing.

SHH!: Is there something you wish MJ could do in these three films that you didn’t, ideas that got shot down?

Dunst: Yeah, I suggested she shouldn’t be in peril in the third one.

SHH!: Have you, Sam and Tobey talked about this being over?

Dunst: No. We haven’t had that moment.

SHH!: Is it something you see coming?

Dunst: No. Give us a little time please.

SHH!: In “Spider-Man 2,” there was talk that Tobey wasn’t going to come back after he was injured.

Dunst: I remember that time very well. (laughs)

SHH!: If Sam decides to come back but Tobey doesn’t, would you do “Spider-Man 4”?

Dunst: No, I wouldn’t.

SHH!: You think your MJ should be with Tobey’s “Spider-Man?”

Dunst: Right. Hands down, yes.

SHH!: How different has MJ become? How different is Kirsten doing six years of “Spider-Man.”

Dunst: Well, for me, I think on the first movie I was so much younger, impressionable and insecure so I didn’t have the confidence that I have as an actress today. I cared what people thought and I was performing more for other people instead of myself. We’ve grown up. With each film, we’ve become more and more collaborative, and this last one has been three individuals coming together as equal adults collaborating on a film. You’re not that when you’re a teenager; you’ve got to grow into that.

SHH!: How controversial do you think “Sweet Relief” will be?

Dunst: It’s about a woman. I don’t think it’s about Iraq. It’s about a woman. What in this 24-year-old girl makes you want to go to Iraq on your own without security and just be there, count bodies, visit orphanages, manipulate soldiers into getting information, all on her own accord. That takes a very brave and kind of a crazy thing to do. I couldn’t put myself in that position. I couldn’t imagine doing that. So I think it’s more about this woman.

SHH!: Have you made it?

Dunst: No.

SHH!: Will it be your next film?

Dunst: No.

SHH!: Do you know what your next film is?

Dunst: Yep. It’s this movie called “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.” Simon Pegg is the lead.

SHH!: Are you a “Vanity Fair” writer?

Dunst: Yeah, I work there.

SHH!: Do you have a romance?

Dunst: You’ll have to wait and see.

SHH!: When are you doing it?

Dunst: May, June and July.

SHH!: Have you had experiences with a big opportunity like MJ, then lose it?

Dunst: Of course, I’ve been so bummed when I haven’t gotten a role. That happened when I was younger. Now, I’ve learned it’s probably for the best.

SHH!: What about critics?

Dunst: I’ve usually been disappointed. I read the New York Times and the LA Times and I’ve been disappointed before but I’m in a place in my life where I don’t care.

SHH!: Do you have a chance to be friends with Sam, Tobey etc. when you’re not making movies?

Dunst: James is part of my life because I introduced him to a charity I’m involved with called Art of Elysium. We put on plays and visit the hospital, and this one particular hospital called All-Saints, we do auctions. I got him involved with that. And Bryce and I have become really close. Those are the two people I see the most. But when I see Tobey, it’s great. He’s just had a baby, but I love his fiancée.

SHH!: Any plans for your summer break?

Dunst: I’ll be working in London, but working in London is pretty awesome. I have no complaints.

SHH!: Is there some role you want to do?

Dunst: Yeah. I really want to make a Roman Polanski-esque “Repulsion” or “Rosemary’s Baby.” But there’s nobody making those movies. “The Others” was the closest you got to it. If I had one dream director it would be Roman Polanski.

SHH!: What was the hardest scene to do? Most challenging?

Dunst: Just walking down the stairs in high heels, trying not to fall. And lip-synch.

SHH!: How did you like being a redhead?

Dunst: It was nice. I liked the color. I like the man who did my hair, Manny. He’s a real connoisseur. I like that Mary Jane doesn’t look perfect, and her hair’s grown out. Manny is specific and it’s nice to have people around that let you do your thing but are also supportive.

SHH!: Why is “Spider-Man” so successful?

Dunst: I didn’t need to because I lived it. I’m part of it and I know why: we never rested on our laurels. We are all passionate for this franchise. The producers, the heads of Sony, all of us want to make a great movie. Of course, it’s about box office for the studio at the end of the day, but we don’t want to produce just to produce. We really care for it. These people are so important to us. Sam was working up to the last second giving over to the film. Sam is such a hard worker.

SHH!: Why does the public respond?

Dunst: Spider-Man is every man. If he can be a hero, you can be a hero. It’s always had very relatable story lines in this fantastical world, yet Sam manages to ground it with the people he’s cast. That’s always attracted interesting actors to play our villains. It’s an international story. Who can’t relate to falling in love? Getting into fights with your best friend? Or feeling like your work is killing you? That’s why.

SHH!: Ever a time when the acting became a different thing for you?

Dunst: When I was younger I worked with an acting coach, but how else are you going to do “Interview with the Vampire?” You can’t do that on instincts. He helped me make things seem different and seem OK when maybe they were scarier to do. I was up for it. I wanted to do it at that age. I enjoyed it; I had a great time on that film but then I definitely have had transitions in my life where not every child actress becomes an adult actor. I continued and enjoyed it. “Virgin Suicides” was big for me because it showed me in a light where I was a young girl having these other emotions, not just being the cute kid. Sofia did that in such a poetic way that that opened many doors for me. Then “Bring It On” was helpful for me. It’s kept changing and growing. “Marie Antoinette” was huge for me. Acting has changed for me. My barometer has changed for what I want to do, who I want to work with. You spend a lot of time with people working on films, I want to work with good people who I can learn from who are nice people. There are so many different personalities in this business.

SHH!: MJ’s career is spiraling while Peter’s is taking off. Have you seen that in Hollywood?

Dunst: I’ve always been supportive of whoever I’m with in their job and I’ve never felt threatened. I can understand when the other person doesn’t make you as confident in yourself. It has to do with how you feel about yourself.

SHH!: Does your celebrity make it difficult for guys to ask you out on a date?

Dunst: Oh, completely. I’d stay away from somebody (who’s a celebrity). Who wants to be part of that with the pictures. I live a normal life but occasionally there’s stuff that’s not so fun to deal with. Then that person’s not meant for me. I need somebody who can deal with all the aspects of who I am.

SHH!: Has the self-confidence you’ve gained in making the “Spider-Man” films helped you assert yourself in other films?

Dunst: This film didn’t give me self-confidence. I gave myself self-confidence. I worked on myself as a human being. Films, money, all those things give you nothing, you’ve got to give it to yourself. I worked on myself.

SHH!: If you have a problem, do you speak up?

Dunst: Completely. I’m very opinionated. (She laughs.)

Spider-Man 3 opens in conventional theaters and IMAX on May 4.

Source: Heather Newgen