The Dark Knight Chicago Filming Update

‘kal-el4real’ wrote in with a scoop on the filming for Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight:

I went to casting today for extras for (the Dark Knight). The location was near the WGN studios off of Addison st. All around this area on buildings and warehouses were signs that read “RFK production staff only,” or ,”RFK staff enter here,” and, “RFK delivery drop off around back.” (RFK obviously standing for Rory’s first kiss, The Dark Knights production name.” I can only imagine what is being housed in the massive warehouse in this area. As far as the casting went they REALLY needed cars and drivers for the June-September shooting they will be doing in the city. They said that they will do 1 week of shooting starting next week (April 21st-28th). Then the production will leave for a bit and return the begining of June. It seems that most of the stand inpositions have been casted except for the male 5ft11-6ft3 blonde hair position. I work downtown in a very tall building so if any day shooting goes on anywhere remotely around the heart of the city i’ll keep you updated.

‘peter’ also told us the following:

i work across the street from the old post office in Chicago (just south and across the river from Sears Tower). They are clearly doing work on the inside of the lobby, and all around are signs that read “RFK” with arrows pointing to the building. They’re also running something to the roof on ziplines from the building next door. They have a school bus in the loading dock, and are generally doing a good job at not having any visible filming equipment. Work started 2-3 days ago.

The Batman Begins sequel hits theaters on July 18.

Source: kal-el4real, peter