New Spider-Man 3 Trailer at WonderCon

Sony Pictures revealed a new Spider-Man 3 trailer at WonderCon that was exclusively cut for the convention. posted a description of the spoilerish footage. Here’s a clip:

It starts with Eddie Brock going into the church and the “I want you to kill Spider-Man” line. Very dark trailer, all about the symbiote. The Columbia logo turns to black (like black Spidey). There’s a new scene with Dr. Connors (aka Lizard) with Peter and they have a small sample of the symbiote and the catch it in an upside-down beaker, and it jumps around. Connors says “it seems to like you.” Another new scene is an extended one of Spidey in his black suit webslinging through some building with subways going by with the camera following (awesome shot) and he ends up right at Sandman before it cuts. Another new line from Mary Jane: “I’m worried about you.” And another cut where Peter says “I need your help.”

Check out more of the description here!

Source: Advanced Dark