Ghost Rider Up to $118 Million Worldwide

According to Variety, Ghost Rider rolled to a second straight international victory, easily topping a moderate weekend at the foreign box office with $16.1 million at 3,000 playdates in 40 markets.

Amid respectable openings and holdovers and a lack of competing action fare, Sony’s “Rider” grossed nearly the combined total of the closest contenders, Fox’s Night at the Museum and Universal’s Hot Fuzz.

Ghost Rider made the biggest splash with launches in France, with $3 million at 426 through local distributor SND, and in Germany, with a first-place $2.2 million at 363. The second weekend saw declines of 51% in Spain to $1.5 million at 417 — still enough for first — along with 38% in Mexico to $1.3 million at 403 and 46% in Australia to $1 million at 208.

The film also opened in first place in India with $820,000 at 250 for the 12th biggest launch in that market for a Hollywood movie. The Nicolas Cage starrer has lived up to expectations internationally, earning $39.4 million overseas and $118 million worldwide with openings coming next weekend in Japan and the U.K.

Source: Variety