300 Premiering in Berlin

The Hollywood Reporter says that 300 will world premiere at the 57th Berlinale, kicking off on February 8:

This year’s Berlinale lineup ranges from such independent productions as Ryan Eslinger’s “When a Man Falls in the Forest” to Zack Snyder’s epic “300,” an adaptation of the Frank Miller comic book about the battle of Thermopylae between 300 Spartans and a Persian army numbering in the millions. Both films will have their world premieres in Berlin, with “300” unspooling out of competition.

‘WhiteWolf6613’ also tells us that a new 300 preview aired during Fox’s “Prison Break” on Monday.

Hey, I was just watching ‘Prison Break’ and there was an awesome sneak preview of ‘300’ on at the commercial break. It had to be a full minute long and had previously unseen footage.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter