Zack Snyder Says WB Rejected His Pitch For Another 300 Sequel

Nearly a week after claiming Warner Bros. “tortured” him while finishing his four-hour cut of Justice League, Zack Snyder continues to imply that his long-running partnership with the studio has come to an end. It turns out that the director had a completely separate brush with WB sometime during the last year. But instead of pitching a new trip to the DC Universe, he met with them about the possibility of another 300 follow-up. However, they weren’t crazy about his ideas.

Snyder revealed this bit of info during a recent interview with The Playlist. Initially, he set out to wrap up the saga that began with the original 300 in 2007. But over time, the script ended up taking a different shape altogether.

“I just couldn’t really get my teeth into it,” said Snyder. “Over the pandemic, I had a deal with Warner Bros. and I wrote what was essentially going to be the final chapter in 300. But when I sat down to write it I actually wrote a different movie. I was writing this thing about Alexander the Great, and it just turned into a movie about the relationship between Hephaestion and Alexander. It turned out to be a love story. So it really didn’t fit in as the third movie.”

Needless to say, this wasn’t the 300 sequel that Warner Bros. executives wanted. Regardless, Snyder believed in the story enough to meet with them about bringing it to the screen.

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“There was that concept, and it came out really great,” continued Snyder. “It’s called Blood and Ashes, and it’s a beautiful love story, really, with warfare. I would love to do it, [WB] said ‘no.’ You know, they’re not huge fans of mine. It is what it is.”

300 marked Snyder’s first collaboration with Warner Bros. and eventually paved the way for him to direct the studio’s Watchmen adaptation. A sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire, hit theaters in 2014. That film featured a script co-written by Snyder and had Noam Murro stepping into the director’s chair. Unfortunately, it failed to match the critical or box office success of its predecessor, and whether or not the studio will continue the 300 saga with another filmmaker at the helm remains to be seen.

Would you like to see Snyder’s Blood and Ashes script become a reality someday? Let us know in the comment section below!

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