Transformers Prequel Comic Coming

IDW Publishing’s Transformers’ universe has spanned from modern-day Earth (“The Transformers: Infiltration” and “Escalation”) to the far-flung planet of Cybertron (“The Transformers: Stormbringer”) and many light-years of time and space in-between. Now get ready for an all-new Transformers story that breaks new ground, setting the stage for the highly anticipated summer ’07 Transformers movie. And while the movie might not explode onto theater screens until July, IDW Publishing offers your first glimpse of the live-action motion picture Robots in Disguise in the “Transformers: The Movie Prequel” beginning in February 2007.

In the four-part “Transformers: The Movie Prequel,” co-writers Chris Ryall (“Zombies Vs. Robots”) and Simon Furman (“The Transformers: Escalation”) team up with celebrated Transformers artist Don Figueroa (“The Transformers: Stormbringer”) to deliver a special tale that spans centuries, traveling from Cybertron to Earth. This special four-part series reveals the events that lead up to next summer’s blockbuster movie, directed by Michael Bay and executive-produced by Steven Spielberg.

“This is no peripheral movie tie-in,” said co-writer Chris Ryall (who also spends his days as IDW’s publisher and editor-in-chief. “Rather, it’s a fully realized, generations-spanning tale that also sets up and explains much of the backstory in the coming movie. With Paramount and Hasbro’s assistance, we’re able to show you the characters and explain some situations that are integral parts of the movie. It should also assuage any early fan trepidation and show that this prequel and the movie together are going to comprise quite an epic Transformers story.”

Source: IDW Publishing