Spider-Man 3 First Look at Theaters

Scooper ‘RobinHood’ tells fans to look out for a new Spider-Man 3 First Look clip in theaters next month:

Hey guys, love the site, and I’ve got some Spidey 3 news. Apparently, a Spider-Man 3 segment will be appearing on AMC/Cinemark Theaters First Look pre-feature program in early January. I just got back from a show this evening, and at the end of the First Look bit, they said to look for a Spider-Man 3 First Look clip early next month, and they also showed a bit of footage that we have seen in the trailers. Just thought I’d let you guys know!

‘Phoenix2088’ also told us that you can expect the clip in Regal theaters as well:

Just a heads up regarding the Spider-Man 3 First Look at AMC/Cinemark news that was posted. It will also be at Regal Entertainment Group theatres as the First Look program is created by National CineMedia, a company owned by Regal, AMC and Cinemark.

Source: RobinHood