Elfman Working with Young on Spider-Man 3

‘Phatmaster’ pointed out that Spider-Man 3 composer Grant Curtis revealed an interesting bit about the music in his latest Blog update:

Hey SHH! I was just glancing over the Spidey 3 blog earlier reading Grant Curtis’ new post, and responding to a comment about the music it seems like he confirmed that Danny Elfman is actually working on Spider-Man 3…

Hi Grant, thanks for paying attention to us, your blog is a great idea. i had questions about the music, but i didn’t know where to ask them, so i do there. Will Christopher Young use the main theme created by Danny Elfman at the beginning of the first two movies? Or will he compose a new one? Has the work on music started? Thanks, hope you’ll answer me.

Tim, Danny and Chris Young are both working on the picture. We have yet to start actively working on the music, but we will start soon. Thanks for the questions. Grant

Elfman did the score for Spider-Man and Christopher Young took over on Spider-Man 2.

Source: Phatmaster